June Newsletter & Lower River Tournament Results


by Frank Neugebauer

The San Diego Bassmasters descended on the Lower Colorado River for the first of two tournaments there this year. The Spring tournament can be a little tricky with the weather. Depending on how Mother Nature is feeling, it can be very pleasant or very hot. Mother Nature smiled on us this year, excepting some wind on Friday, with generally pleasant conditions. The improvements to the ramp and the lack of significant water fluctuations added to the pleasant conditions as well.

Most of the people competing in the tournament find it necessary and beneficial to get to the river a couple of days early to try and figure things out, after all, it is an out of towner and most of us do not get out there very often. However, there are certain individuals that have an inherent ability to analyze and calculate what needs to be done on the fly. The guy that won this river tournament appears to have that ability. Not only did he not pre-fish, he made it to day one blast off with about two minutes to spare. He was first out on day 1 and was racing the sun to join the field before the numbers were called. Congratulations to Nick Meyer, our Lower Colorado River tournament winner who put together a 2-day 10 fish limit of 32.98 pounds anchored by a big fish of 5.45 pounds which he caught on the day 2. In addition, Nick brought over 20 pounds to the scales on day 2 which was critical to his victory. Great job Mr. Meyer.

Second place was captured by Inder Lopez who had two solid days on the water. Inder had the heaviest bag on day one but came in second on day one with 15.85 pounds net weight after a dead fish penalty on Friday. Inder’s day one total was helped by a big fish of 5.43 lbs. Inder was able to go back out and bag another 5 on day two for a net weight of 13.00 pounds after losing ¾ pounds in penalties for a two-day total of 28.85 pounds. Good job Inder.

Right behind Inder and taking the third-place spot, making his move for the year end, was Dave Waller. Dave had two solid days with 10 fish for both days weighing a total of 28.54 pounds. Dave had a solid limit of 15.24 pounds on day 1 helped by a big fish of 4.89 lbs. Dave backed up his day one performance by putting another five in the live-well for 13.30 pounds giving him third place and a little something for the living room wall.

I also want to recognize the weigh-in team out at the river. We had Ed Marr as Fish Handling Manager, Larry Ward as the Weigh Master putting the fish on the scales, Cheryl Byrd on Logistics Detail making sure the weigh in slips were being processed in order of the participants coming to the scale, and Joe de Salvo Quality Control and Tabulator, making sure the weights were being recorded correctly as well as being placed in order of finish, so the results could be calculated quickly. Besides having to contend with the wind blowing everything around on Friday, including the milk crate we weigh the fish in off the scale constantly, as well as weigh their own fish, these are the people that make the weigh in go smooth and quickly for everyone. Thank you to my weigh in team for all you have done this year.

While I know everyone is saying “Well it sure wasn’t Lake Hodges” it looks like it was a good tournament for all. We had 30 anglers weigh 265 fish for over 600 pounds total weight. We did lose a few fish but that is inevitable when you catch as many fish as we did. I know everyone does everything they can to keep their fish alive, first and foremost because of the love of the sport and resource. Secondly, because losing fish in the live well will cost you points and places in the standings. We are going into the hottest part of the year right now. The warmer the water, the higher the stress on those fish in the live well. Now is the time to make sure your live-wells are performing the way they should. If you think you are having an issue, please have it checked out. There are plenty of people in the club that can help you out if you are having an issue. Finally, the test of the success of any out of town tournament is how many shirts Michael Lupo will be handing out at the next meeting. As far as I know, Mike did not have to purchase any shirts after the river.


Terry Chenowth

In June we have our next upcoming Bassmasters Family Event, it is our Family Picnic at Santee Lakes. In V.P. Ernie’s article he will tell you all about it. You will be able to sign up for it at the June Meeting or call Ernie to find out all about it. Greg Gardner has several prospective members ready to get voted or prefished. He will tell you about them. Our next tournament is El Capitan and Frank the Tournament Man will get you signed up and have a full recap of the prior months Lower Colorado tournament. Take a few minutes sit down and read the newsletter Cheryl has added lots of interesting info of each of the lakes as we fish them. I know a lot of you know I have for the past several months had some health issues that has made it hard for me to get around and I have been in a lot of pain. I haven’t been to work since mid-April, I never thought I’d say this, but I miss keeping those airplanes flying. This month will be the third tournament in a row I miss, I don’t do that. I have missed a club meeting and I don’t like doing that either. Seeing all of you at meetings and competing against all of you on the water at our lakes is what I enjoy doing. I want to thank the board for stepping up while I have been hurt to keep things moving. The friends that have taken a moment to check in with me and call, Thank You. And then here at home, my Sweetheart Vicki you’ve had to take on a bigger load here and I am sorry. But totally grateful you are here. LETS GO FISHING!!!

Historical Information about the Lake El Capitan

Construction on the El Capitan dam was started in 1932 and completed in 1934 at a cost of $5.8 million dollars and is owned by the City of San Diego. The El Capitan Reservoir created by the dam filled to capacity in 1938. The lake is filled by run-off or a direct inflow via pipeline from San Vicente Reservoir. The dam is 237 feet high from its foundation and is composed of hydraulic fill, which is a combination of fine and course soil compacted by water, with an impervious clay core. With a height of 219 feet above the river bed, the dam stands slightly downstream from the confluence of the Conejos Creek and the San Diego River. At its crest, the dam is 1170 feet long and 26 feet wide and contains 2,679,680 cubic yards of material. Water can be release through the control tower into the El Capitan Pipeline at a maximum capacity of 94 cubic feet per second or 61 million gallons per day.

One of the most visible landmarks in San Diego County is El Cajon Mountain, commonly known as El Cap or El Capitan. It is a stunning granite monolith that towers above the San Diego River and El Monte Valley in Lakeside at an elevation of 3648 feet. The name of El Capitan was derived from the Capitan Grande Indian Reservation that was flooded when the dam was constructed. In 1919 Congress passed the El Capitan Act that relocated the Indians and paid them $361,420.

You get an excellent view of the dam from the access road as you entry the facility. When full the lake holds 112,800 acre feet of water and has 1562 surface acres. The maximum depth is 197 feet, 30 ft. below capacity. Dams of this construction in the state of California are kept 30 feet below capacity as a result of the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, in which the Lower Van Norman Dam lost the top 30 feet due to liquefaction. Ten thousand people were evacuated prior to the dam’s failure, but 60 people died and hundreds were injured. With 22 miles of shoreline, El Capitan was the largest lake in San Diego County until 2015, when the dam at San Vicente was raised. Whereas there are water sports and fishing on the lake throughout the year, its main purpose remains a drinking water source for San Diego.


Doris Cook

We are sad to report that Ron Overman lost his step-mother and had to leave the River Tournament on Saturday to attend her service. Sorry for your loss!
There was not much news to report on Fish Tales this month; however I did want to mention the birthdays and anniversaries; 6/7 – Stu Kenson and 6/22 – Ed Byrd.

Those members celebrating anniversaries this month are: 6/17 – Lee & Irene Chapman – 57 years; 6/26 – Greg and Zoé Gardner – 19 years; 6/29 – Jim and Pam Davis – 45 years. Enjoy your special days.

Please share any news that you want to share on “Fish Tales” by sending to Doris Cook at or call (619) 462-4708.


Frank Neugebauer

Our next tournament is at El Capitan on June 9, 2018. I went out there Saturday 5/26/18. The lake is down from where it was the last time the San Diego Bassmasters navigated its waters. However, launch conditions were fine, all lanes open, and it is predicted to be that way until after our visit on June 9, 2018. I will take this time to lay out the plan: 5 fish limit, 13-inch minimum, closed mouth, swing the tail. It will be launch and go. Weigh in will be at 3:00 P.M. on the dock by the lake aide room. Same place as before. I spoke to the guy at the lake, I believe his name is A.J. Anyway, we may be able to get to go a little early. If so, please make sure you have your lights in and on if there is any question about safe light. Also, and this is not new, ALL FISH OVER FIVE POUNDS ARE TO BE BROUGHT TO THE SCALES IN A SEPARTE BAG. Many of you do not appreciate how good of an angler you are. We are catching a lot of big fish this year. If you think you have a fish over five pounds, bring it up in a separate bag. Besides, it looks really cool when you come to the scales with several bags and people must help you weigh your fish. Grab your 15 minutes of fame.

Frank spends Day 2 with Ivanna

As some of you may have noticed, fishing for me on day 2 of our tournament was cut short. It was not my choice but I was visited by an old “friend” of mine that I met at the river several years ago. Let me explain:

Several years ago, I was at the river fishing one of our 2-day tournaments when I met a woman, Ivanna, Ivanna Upchuck. I think she is Russian. Anyway, I was out there fishing with Larry Ward and we had a pretty good day on day 1. I think we were 3rd and 4th after day 1. We went back to the house, discussed our strategy for day 2, retied, and did all the things you do to get ready for day 2. We finished up early, so I went over to the bar at Fisher’s Landing to shoot some pool. That is where I met her. I could tell she was very interested in me even though I knew I wanted nothing to do with her. However, Ivanna is not the kind of woman you can get away from easily. When she finds someone she wants, she gets them. I left and went back to the house.

The next day, and I do not know how she did it, Ivanna found me in the back of Lake Ferguson. Larry and I were on a good bite and the tournament was shaping up nicely for both of us. However, Ivanna got in the boat with me and we started rolling around on the seat. I gave Larry the front of the boat and dealt with Ivanna for the rest of the day. She would only allow me to drive the boat to the next spot, Larry fished, and Ivanna and I rolled around. She did not leave that day until it was time to drive home. Larry did well in the tournament and I survived.

Ivanna came to see me a couple of times in San Diego over the years but I really thought I was done with her. I went and sought professional help to make sure I would not be put under her spell again. I had not heard from her for a long time. I thought the issue was resolved.

Now to the river May 12, 2018. I was fishing with Ed Marr. It was kind of the same story as before. Ed and I had a decent day 1 and we were both looking forward to day 2. However, at 2:30 AM on Saturday, I heard a tapping on the window of the room I was in. I knew it could not be any of the Bassmasters, so I went and hid in the bathroom for a while. After a short time, I came out and went back to bed. I thought I had escaped. I was wrong. The alarm goes off around 4:00 A.M. and I get up. I have a bad feeling. I go out and start getting the boat ready and who is out by the boat. She’s back. I could not believe it.

Ivanna is really pissed. She wanted to know where I was the night before. I told her, Mike Lupo made this great dinner for everyone and I ate dinner with my friends. She did not believe me. She wanted Page 5 of 12 SAN DIEGO BASSMASTERS JUNE 2018 to know what he made for dinner. So out by the back of my truck, I showed her. That was not good enough. I blew it off, it was time to go. I left. We launched the boat but I knew this was not over.

Ed and I had a good bite going in Fisher’s Landing, so we started there. We caught a couple of fish and I was hopeful Ivanna was gone. She was not. She caught up with me in Fisher’s. Funny, she had no interest in Ed. Anyway, in her mysterious way, from which I could not escape, I knew she wanted to spend the day with me. I told Ed there was no way I was going to get out of this, she was not going to leave me alone. I knew what I had to do.

I had Ed take me back to the house. Everyone was out fishing so Ivanna and I could have the place to ourselves. I gave Ed the boat and went in to take care of business. Ivanna and I went to bed at 7:00 A.M. and rolled around for the next six and a half ours. Not too bad for an old dude. At one time someone came in to use the bathroom but we just kept going at it. I told Ivanna that I had run the weigh-in and she finally left at 1:37 in the afternoon. Anyway, that is how I spent the second day of the tournament.

If, by some chance, you ever run into Ivanna and she asks about me, tell her I am in love with someone else. My new girlfriend’s name is Iwanna, Iwanna Winn. She is from Finland.

Jeff Carpenter Excels

Jeff Carpenter has gone over the Tournament Results Spreadsheet and fixed any discrepancies. I am attaching it to this newsletter. I hope this comes out in a format you can read. Thank you Jeff!

Approved Schedule for 2018

  1. January 27 Otay (Fun)
  2. February 24 Otay
  3. March 19-20 Havasu (Mon-Tue)
  4. April 21 Hodges
  5. May 11-12 Lower River (Fri-Sat)
  6. June 9 El Capitan
  7. July 27 Otay Night
  8. August 24 San Vicente Night*
  9. September 22 San Vicente
  10. October 19-20 Lower River (Fri-Sat)
  11. November 3 Otay
  12. November 17 TOC


Greg Gardner

Hello San Diego Bassmasters! Frank Neugebauer told us at the Board meeting that his article this month would be very long, so I will keep mine short. Currently we are at 44 active members. Also on our roster are: 3 family members, 2 inactive, 7 lifetime, 8 honorary, 10 atlarge, and 3 prospective. That’s a big family. In the works we have 3 prospective members that I’ve mentioned. They are: Evan Esancy, prefished by Jim Sleight; Thomas LaRochelle, prefished by Greg Gardner; and Dina Ammso, prefished by Mike Lupo. I received good reports on all three. They will go into the draw and will be tournament fished at our event at El Cap on June 9th . Welcome them at the meeting and check them out at the tournament. These 3 prospective members could bring our count up to 47.

Good luck to all of you at the tournament. See you at the meeting.


Ernie Guillen

First, I would like to acknowledge the top three at the River Tourney: Nick Meyer 1 st , Inder Lopez 2nd and Dave Waller coming in 3rd . Congratulations on a job well done. Way to go to all that made the trek there for the tournament.

June 30th is the date for our Family Picnic at Santee Lakes. This has been a popular function for our club and this one is shaping up to be a good one. I would like to thank all the people who have stepped up and volunteered to make this picnic a successful one. We have Michael Lupo and Ed Marr doing the cooking. Doris and Zoé on the raffle, Ed Byrd on the washer toss and for winning last year’s casting contest, Inder Lopez gets to run this one.

We are still looking for ideas and people to run games for the women and kids. But be sure, we will have some good ones for them, even if I have to do it myself. If interested in taking on any of these tasks, please contact me. My information will be on the flyer.

Should anyone like to donate an item for the raffle, please also contact me, Doris or Zoé.

This club has been seeing some new members join, young and old. I would like to let them know that this club is recognized not only as a fishing club, but many of us have enjoyed making this club an extension of our family. Our fishermen and fisherwomen, I believe have always been a force to be reckoned with when competing against other clubs. I have only been a member for going on 4 years and am so proud to be part of this club. So, I would encourage new members as well as existing members, if and when you have a chance to visit with some of our older and distinguished members, they may give you some insight and share what this club means to them. There is a lot of history here in this club. I have had the chance to speak to many, enough so, that I have an understanding as to what this club has strived to instill in its members. Yes, things change, and new young and old anglers come and go, but I feel we owe it to them and ourselves to stand strong, respect and acknowledge all that has made this club what it is, a great and respected one. It’s been around for a long time and let’s pray that it remains that way for a lot longer. This can only be accomplished if we all get involved, whether it’s serving on the board, sharing information or volunteering to help with our functions. Trust me, in the end, it’s rewarding.

Our next function will be Bunco Night on August 4th. This is such a fun function. There will be more on this at our next meeting.

Thank you all for letting me share my rambling thoughts…like you had a choice. ?Hope you get the gist of it all.


Joe DeSalvo

The Lower Colorado River tournament was excellent with many big fish caught by many of my fellow Bassmasters. On one of our pre-fish days, Dave Mack strutted his magical POPR and pulled in a 9 lb. plus beauty. It was an awesome site while he managed to get it in, on what look like a small trout rod with 6 lb. test line as it mowed the lawn down in the deps hitting everything possible. Just when I started on the trolling motor to get him over to the hung-up fish, if got free and then we landed it in the net (See photos for his BIG GIRL)

Congratulations to Nick, Inder and Dave for some amazing weights. Great Job!!!!!

Remember the dues went up to $30 a month in March and I still get a few paying $25. I guess old habits are hard to break.

If you cannot make the meeting just call or text me at 951-235-5205 and send their checks written to
“SDBM” to 1958 Alderbrook Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91913. Thank you, appreciate the communication.

San Diego Bassmasters General Meeting

May 1, 2018

The San Diego Bassmasters General Meeting was called to order on May 1, 2018 by Vice President Ernie Guillen at 7:10 PM. President Terry Chenowth was not present. Bassmasters greeted members and guests.

Frank Morrin moved and Greg Gardner seconded that we approve last month’s minutes. Motion passed.

Greg Gardner – Membership Chair: Tonight we have guests Wyatt Waller, and Gerie Morrin. We have 3 prospective members, Evan Esaney, Thomas LaRochelle, both of whom have been pre-fished and will be tournament pre-fished soon, and Dina Ammsso. Mike Lupo will pre-fish Dina. Marshall Martin was voted on to return to the club and is reinstated. One was dropped for lack of dues and Jeff Manning is going inactive. We have 44 active members, 3 family, 2 inactive, 7 lifetime, 8 honorary, 10 at large, and 3 prospective. Rosters are available at the front table.

Joe DeSalvo – Treasurer: Recent expenses are $181 for website maintenance, $117 for trophies, and $109 for the family tournament. The treasury is healthy at this time.

Frank Neugebauer – Tournament Director: Sign-ups were available for the river on May 11-12. The ramp is fixed at Fisher’s. Water is up. Launch order will be announced at the fisherman’s pre-tournament meeting outside the bar/restaurant on Thursday 5/10/18 starting at 5:00 P.M

Ernie Guillen – Vice President: Ernie thanked those that came to the family tournament. Those who came had a great time, although the fishing was sparse. Saturday, June 30 this our family picnic at Santee Lakes on the island. Ed Marr and Mike Lupo will be cooking, and Jim Sleight will bring his grill. Doris and Zoe will handle the raffle. Ernie asked for donations for the raffle. Ernie says the items that were left over from the family tournament will be included, also. Ed has some of the washer toss sets, Brant’s have one, and Doris has some, so Ernie will pick them up. Ed Byrd may be able to run the washer toss, TBD later. Inder was last year’s winner, so will run the casting contest. Kids’ games will be available, and so will ladies’ games. Whoever has the banner, please let Ernie know. New and prospective members are also welcome!

Ernie called on Mike Lupo: He has the winner of the F&$# Out of Town Tournaments shirt tonight, Ed Byrd who, at Havasu, backed into a reef and broke $2500 worth of boat. Mike says the house that someone always rents for fishermen to stay at for the tournament is for sale and Mike
may buy it, and would like to go into it with 8-10 members, and all would benefit financially. Message him if interested.

We had 32 people fish Hodges, with only 7 catching fish. Sixteen fish were caught, with an average 3.64lbs.

    Frank announced the winners:

  • Big Fish: 9.55lbs for Inder Lopez.
  • 3rd place: one fish at 9.55lbs, Inder Lopez.
  • 2nd place: 3 fish, 5.85 big fish, for 12.53, Greg Gardner.
  • 1st place: 5 fish, with 4.81 big fish, for 14.55, Jim Sleight.

Mike Lupo and Ed Byrd will bring snacks next month.

Meeting adjourned at 7:58PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Janice Eisner Secretary